Love #2

It’s a wide concept, right?

I bet all of us have thought about the whole “the-only-one-for-everyone-of-us” concept at least once in our life. Congratulations if you have found the one for you.

Personally, I don’t believe in the whole “true-soulmate” concept. It’s so . . . demotivating. There’s no other word for it. It’s like telling a bird, “Look, there’s a whole span of the sky for you to measure with your flight but we are going to chain you up in a cage.” It is exactly same. We ourselves are the unfortunate bird. Our cage is barred together with geographical bounds, financial crisis, career, family and other worldly goods that burden our wings.

The whole concept is like telling an infant, “Welcome to this world! There are 7 billion out there and there’s only one who is meant for you.” Telling yourself that there’s only one person for you in the whole world. ONLY one person who will make you happy, elated and make you wish for nothing else.

Honestly, I agree with Joey Tribbiani on this one. It’s just like he said.

That’s like saying there’s only one flavor of ice cream for you. There’s lots of flavors out there. There’s Rocky Road, and Cookie Dough, and Bing. Cherry Vanilla. You could get them with jimmies, or nuts, or whipped cream. Welcome back to the world. Grab a spoon.

Go ahead, Grab a spoon!


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