Denial lays down boundaries, defines where our limits lie, define what we are entitled and not entitled to do.

I’m sure a feminist would be able to give a speech on the real meaning of denial. I, on the other hand, find it extremely “clichéd”. Perhaps ‘cos I haven’t been so unfortunate as to go through such an incident.

Denial is the final answer to a question, disregarding any further argument.

But, as human tendency works, people find it encouraging to do something they’ve been forbidden to.

Admit it, all of us want to be legendary rule-breakers. For instance, when people come to know that I, a teenager, read “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, they stare at me wide-eyed. The prominent reason I read FSOG was ‘ços I was curious to find out why my parents forbid me to do so. My parents would never allow me to read an erotica revolving around BDSM. That’s the reason I picked the book up. The reason we tend to break rules is ‘cos we are denied to do so.

But, really on a humorous note denial from a woman can have a sarcastic edge to it.

However, an honest and straight-forward denial stops and discontinues any act on the person’s part, in the context of violence, rights, morality, and what-not.


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