People think I’m easygoing. Think that I adapt easily to any situation. They don’t me from the inside. Don’t know what goes inside my head. Don’t know what I like ,what I don’t.
Don’t even know what I fear.
That’s what I fear.
Knowing that everyone knows about me. Thinking about it I realise I don’t fear exposure as much as Judgement.
Imagine a mirror that could reveal your personality, would you dare look?
Judgement is the fear well deserved in a narrow-minded society. It’s the ultimate nightmare I dread. Knowing that my thoughts are like an open book for everyone to read and I don’t have ANY power on it. Hate the thought of even people judging me. That’s the reason why I love anonymosity. It conceals my identity but exposes my thoughts. Anonymosity ensures that people don’t categorize my face with a character merely on the basis of whether they agree to my thoughts or not.

5 thoughts on “Exposure

    1. That’s what I do most of the time. But my subconscious is often pondering over others’ thoughts and I ignore it until I have to act like the “perfect Indian Sanskaari ladki with etiquettes”

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  1. You know what even I am an open book but the people are illiterate. They don’t understand nor I care to make them understand. Sometimes expressing your thoughts through your mouth isn’t everything let there be a different medium. Great post, Hiraeth!


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