Windows to the Soul

Reading Material

 I feel I was born with a reading list I’ll never finish.
Where to start?
There was a time when someone would ask me what I want I would say”a library in a peaceful place and just leave me alone with enough sustenance”.
I guess I started reading when I was very young. My father took me to the library in our town. It has a children’s section with boards and computers and many board games. At that age I was fascinated with the plethora of possibilities I had in that room. I remember my father would have to come and convince me to leave. I never wanted to.
(Good old days. How I miss them.)
My friends,ah, they were so envious. All of them wanted to come with me. My father could only take 1 apart from me(we didn’t use our car much back then).
Bear with this rant.
Gradually, I began reading(those typical fairy tales and comics). And again my father would have to come and convince me to leave(this time it’d be books).
I remember my first novel. It was “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. BTW the book is splendid, beautiful, I have no words for it.
“Never judge a book by it’s cover.” I do. Imagine if according to people’s different perspectives every book has a different cover. No need to go through every book’s first few pages to make sure that you wanna read the book. It’d be HEAVEN.
 I was reading GOT (I SWEAR I’LL KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU SPOIL IT FOR ME)recently. Got into wattpad and fanfics and the tv show so much that I can’t recollect what’s exactly going on. This is what I hate. I buy a book and don’t get time to read it and I feel this burden on me that I’m not doing justice to the book. And then I feel soo guilty.
That’s the main reason why I’m on a break from my fantasy of books. Now all I want is to listen to music and do something interesting other than books. People think of me as a bookworm. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t believe it that I,out of all people, am taking a break from books. But, cut me some slack. It’s not like I’ve left reading for my lifetime. I still enjoy wattpad and blogs.
Lemme know what u r currently reading.
BTW Enigma if you’re reading this, I am who you think I am.

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