A for Alive

Alive has a new-found meaning for me

Earlier it used to be bounded within the category of surviving.

Gradually, with hindsight, I realized it’s more than just living. It is . . . . .living. It’s not just existing, it is living as if it your last day, as if you have no worry in the world. As if. . . zindagi n milegi dobara.

Now, I feel. . . kind of. . . lonely. Not just that. I feel. . .tired. And no, it doesn’t stop at that. I feel. . depressed. Everyone I know(mostly), is like “You are so funny”,”You are never serious”,”Always fooling around”. But the thing is they don’t know the real me. They don’t know that I have an identity ‘hiraeth’. Hell! They won’t even know the real meaning of hiraeth. But this feeling I have has helped me realize the meaning of alive. Being Alive is that feeling for me when I just. . . no longer feel lost.

When my thoughts cease.

When everything ceases.

When I just let my life beyond the boundaries of survival.

And now I promise myself to forever live while alive.

You can do nothing about the length of your life. But you can change its depth.


I’m waiting for more suggestions.


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