B for Boys 

So I decided to let some bits of my personal life out there

First of all,  I have a non-existent love life. For the sake of God , I have absolutely no admirers(at least none I know of). And from my side?

Let’s just say, that feelings from my side have fucked me up. In the worst way possible.

Let’s just talk about my crushes. my first one was just a close friend, which wasn’t even a crush.

After that, owing to my mood swings I had frequent crushes on ANY good looking guys I laid my eyes on.  Even if it was just a guy in the same grocery shop as mine at that time.

After that, I developed a crush on a fellow classmate and I just FANTASIZED about him the whole year. And guess what,  in the spur of the moment, I decided to confess my feelings to him. And I did.

Let’s just say that things weren’t the same afterwards. First of all, rumours went around the school that I was dating him. So we stopped talking. It doesn’t stop at that. Afterwards he asked for my help because he wanted to propose to my friend. And yup I did(like the fool I am). And since then things aren’t awkward between us but we talk regularly and he knows some of my darkest secrets.

And now I arrive at the present.

At the present I have a hopeless crush on a guy who is FOUR YEARS OLDER than me.  FOUR YEARS OLDER. I mean, I call him bhaiya and I’m fantasizing about dating him.  And the fact that he is INCREDIBLY CUTE doesn’t help in me getting over him.

I’m literally drooling over him. And above that, we are FRIENDS. That doesn’t help me when I’m trying to maintain distance from him. And guess what?  A mutual friend of mine and that guy found out about my feelings for him. And I just hope that he doesn’t let it slip from his mouth or else. . I’ll want to bury myself in a hole and just lie there for the rest of eternity.

That’s it. I’m really sorry if I bored you with this talk. But I’m not over.

And now I’ll talk about my choices in men.

I’ve learnt that book lovers have impossibly high hopes of what they want in a partner.

Same applies for me.

I need a cutie, hottie, and a guy who can be sarcastic at the right time,  amd comforting at the right time.

And I have low hopes of meeting such guys.

But I just hope that I do find someone who loves me and whom I love back immensely. A guy who’ll make me realize what love is.

Until then. . .

C for Childhood? ? 


One thought on “B for Boys 

  1. Well, such an elaborate topic to discuss. I have had an admirer at least I know that. And do you literally call your crush Bhaiya? And yes you are so damn, damn right that we want a cutie, a hottie and a sarcastic guy at the same time. I WHOLELY SOLELY BLAME CASSANDRA CLARE FOR CREATING JACE WAYLAND!!
    Great confession post.
    C for childhood sounds good, go ahead!


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