C for Childhood

Sitting on my window sill,

Listening to the wind chime’s sweet harmony,

Gazing out into the horizon,

I’m haunted by my midnight melancholy,

Looking up at the blanket of stars,

I wonder when did I grow up?

How did time pass so quickly?

When did I leave my childhood behind?

Seems as if I can no longer catch up with my long-lost innocence.

I realize that I have driven far past the stage where school was on top of my worries list;

School has been replaced by a mask of other worries,

That takes pride in possessing my thoughts.

Drowning myself in my 3 AM thoughts it hits me,

That the rain will no longer mean the same to me.

Earlier, rain used to be a medium of joy;

Now it is just a veil for my tears.

Now all I can do is sigh with exasperation.

And regret what I missed out on,

Seems as if that shooting star is not capable of bringing back my childhood.

I just wish it could.

I just . . wish.


D for Diary? Sounds good?




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