D for Diary

Alright, so this is an excerpt from my diary. 

*crossed fingers* Hope you like it. 

Afraid of biased judgement, 

She adorned a veil of exuberance. 

For she couldn’t tell the world, 

What lay hidden underneath. 
People thought of her as, 

The girl who was “always sarcastic”. 

Missed out the moments, 

When she was out gazing up at the galaxies. 
For her, the night sky was a mirror. 

Dark as the sky, 

Her soul held immaculate speckles of stars. 

Alas! Much to her oblivion!
But, as the day came with the rising sun 

She realised;

The Masked Sun she wore, 

Blinded the people. 

Misted their thoughts. 
And they couldn’t see who she really was. 
What she really was, though, 

Was still hidden from her. 

Cos thoughts of her identity, 

Were coiled around her mind, likea noose. 

Suffocating her. 

And all she wanted to do was:

Let it all out. 
Long ago, she realised that she had accepted, 

Who she really was. 

She was afraid that the society wouldn’t. 

For even she feared:



One thought on “D for Diary

  1. For she feared that she was a hiraeth! Homesick for a place which did not existed.
    Amazing! Through this poem you allowed me to take a sneak peek at your soul.
    Mesmerizingly dangerous!

    Liked by 1 person

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