E for Ephemeral

Accepting the fact that there are millions of galaxies,

Holding up the cosmos,

I ponder,

Are we really that important?


Out of 7 billion people in the world,

Who is gonna know me?

Who is gonna mourn for me?

Does it really matter?


Who are we?

Who lead the world like it’s gonna remember us;

We remain ignorant of the fact that:

Our footsteps will be washed away by Waves of Time.


We remain ignorant of the fact,

That all moments are transient.

That life is all about those ephemeral moments;

Those moments that we attempt to transform into eternal memories.


Hoping, against hope, that:

They remain buried forever in our memory.

Not realizing that life is an hourglass,

And we are helpless in its Game of Cruelty.


Life’s just an illusion.

Pretending to be perpetual,

While with an inevitable end,

We are all just: ephemeral.

How does “F for Façade” sound?



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